Join our K&L Zouk Team family

Being a part of a K&L Zouk Team is a great opportunity to be taught choreographies created by Kadu and Larissa. These teams represent K&L Dance locally and regionally at social parties, functions and congresses performing under the K&L brand.

This is made possible all over the world, as each K&L Zouk Team is run independently by qualified local directors who teach their team members these specialised choreographies that come directly from Kadu and Larissa themselves! There are two seasons per year, each with two levels of choreography on offer. There will also be a limit on the schools per region who can partake in this incredible opportunity, to maximise performance opportunities and maintain exclusivity within each area around the world.

Want to start a team?

Simply send us an email with the video of the proposed directors social dancing, performing and/or any video of a dance team they have directed. If you do not have these videos, film a social dancing video. We will send your videos to Kadu and Larissa and once approved, we will send you our contract followed by our welcome package.