Let's get together

Group classes

At K&L Dance, we love beginners – introducing new dancers to our world is a joy. We love advanced dancers too – expanding their repertoire and developing their technique is fantastically satisfying. We ALSO love turning beginner dancers INTO advanced dancers, and following their dance journey every step of the way.

Our program of classes includes the very best in samba de gafieira, samba no pe and Brazilian zouk.

Good for the body. Great for the soul.

So. Step up and enrol now. Whether you join the K&L Dance family alone, with a group of friends or with a partner, you’ll fit right in.

Our dance classes are delivered within 8 weeks.


Private classes

We also offer private lessons – where we focus on the finer points of your preferred dance style – or styles. Take on new moves or refine the ones you know. It’s up to you.

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Online classes

Our online classes explain leading, following and styling techniques you can practice with a partner. Beginner courses give you all the steps you need to get started. Intermediate and advanced courses introduce multiple combinations, spins, bonecas, complex footwork, additional body movements and styling.

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